About Fit Factory Gear

Passionate about fitness yet all too aware of the negative affects of working behind a desk, our team faced the daily struggle of balancing work and leading a healthy lifestyle. Understanding the need for prehabilitation, active recovery, and packing for an active lifestyle on the go, we set out to design the perfect bag. After over a year of brainstorming, design, and testing, the MobilityPack was born. 


The Fit Factory Gear Mission

From daily WOD's before a day at the office to weekend trips for world class competitions, you need one bag you can rely on. With the MobilityPack, you will always be able to have your fitness gear within arms reach. Our goal is to help people everywhere lead healthier, more active lives by providing that accessibility to activity. It is not just about a Personal Record today or getting off the couch tomorrow, it is about creating a sustainable level of fitness that will allow you to perform the activities you are passionate about for entire your life.Better quality of life through quality gear. Fit Factory Gear.