5 Epic Mud Runs to Try This Year

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is super fun...because there is mud involved. There is something about getting dirt all over you that makes you feel like a kid again! Plus, recent studies have shown that soil contains microbes that act in the same way as antidepressants, making you feel a lot happier! So you can use this as an argument the next time that someone tells you that you're crazy.

No matter where you live, chances are good that there’s a mud run (or several) coming up near you. Some races are particularly noteworthy. We really like the following five!


Our Favorite 5 Mud Runs in 2016

  1.  Warrior Dash - this race is a great option if you are new to mud racing or haven’t done too many races yet. In the Warrior Dash, you'll run a 5K and take on 12 obstacles in this course, and you’ll get a sense of how addicting getting muddy can be!        
  2. Rugged Maniac - with 25 obstacles over 5K, the Rugged Maniac is a good “next step” as you take on many more varied types of obstacles while getting dirtier than ever. Designed with the help of Navy Seals, the course features obstacles like a giant slide into a big pool of muddy water and crawling under barbed wire. 
  3. Tough Mudder Lake Tahoe - you’ve probably heard of Tough Mudder by now, but not all of them involve running up ski slopes at altitude. That’s exactly what happens at the Lake Tahoe event. Go through 20 or more obstacles over 10-12 miles and experience things like crossing through areas with high-voltage live wires and icy cold water. Fun!  
  4. Spartan Ultra Beast Hawaii - the Ultra Beast is like running a marathon...except during this particular Spartan Race, you’ll face 60 obstacles over your 26.2. What better place to do this than Hawaii, where the whole course takes place on a ranch. Not everyone finishes, but everyone enjoys the green grass and beautiful view of Pali mountain range when the going gets tough. And the best part is that you can hit the beach when you finish (though it might be nighttime.) 
  5. Battlefrog Xtreme - a typical Battlefrog obstacle course is 8K (almost 5 miles) and has 22 or more obstacles designed by Navy SEALS and Seabees, and it has the reputation for being brutal. When you do the Xtreme, you get a special pass to complete as many loops of this course as possible during the day!

What’s your favorite mud run? There are so many out there that it was hard to choose just five. Tell us about it or tag us on Instagram @fitfactorygear in one of your photos!

Catherine Trainor
Catherine Trainor