How to Stay Motivated to Work Out in the Rain

Spring is around the corner, but we’re still facing winter weather for another month or so. This is really not the best time of year for easy training - especially with going to Daylight Savings Time! Just when it was starting to get a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning, all of the sudden, it was way darker again.

Then there’s the rain and snow. There’s something about waking up to the sound of rain that suddenly makes you feel so much more tired. Your bed has never felt as warm and comfortable. It’s so easy to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. But then the guilt gets to you later, and you feel terrible!

So how do you keep yourself motivated when the last thing you want to do is work out in the cold, dark, rainy or snowy weather? We’ve put together a few pieces of advice that can help you with motivation.


Tips To Stay Motivated to Work Out in the Rain


  1. Stay accountable by working out with friends When you make plans to work out with friends, you’re a lot less likely to bail on the workout. By combining exercise with social hour, the time flies. Hills seem less steep. Rain seems less wet. The miles fly by. Just be sure to pick your most motivated friends if you see bad weather coming in the forecast.
  2. Make a list about all the ways you feel great after you work out...and keep this close to your bed. When the alarm goes off and it feels way too early, have the list standing by. Create it after a particularly good day with sentences like “I can focus so much more at work when I work out in the morning” and “I feel so relaxed after I work out” and “I like to eat that extra snack after I work out” so that you have something to look forward to. Because everything is better after a workout!
  3. Bribe yourself with a reward. Don’t go too crazy here, but bribes can get the job done if you’re really struggling to get out the door. Promise yourself that you’ll go get a massage the same week (they’re so good for athletes, anyway, and you always could use one) or treat yourself with a pedicure. (This is totally applicable for women and men, by the way!) Promise yourself your favorite dessert in the mid-afternoon. Whatever gets you out the door. And besides...after you’re done, you might not feel like you even need it anymore! 
  4. Think about your goal. There is no better feeling than getting to the start line of a race and saying, “I trained in THE WORST CONDITIONS to get here!” It feels so good. All that hard work you put in will pay off on race day and you’re so much more of a badass because of it.

What’s your preferred method of get-out-the-door motivation in bad weather? Tell us all about it!

Catherine Trainor
Catherine Trainor